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Lets Rock (Single Player)

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Come on Up (Multiplayer)

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How to import static mesh's into the Unreal Development Kit.

A tutorial showing how to export animations using ActorX with 3DS Max.

A tutorial on how to get mesh animations into the Unreal Engine from PSA files, as well as placing SkeletalMesh Actors in a level

How to use a skeletal mesh actor and animate him using Matinee

Creating a character from A to Z, modeling, textures, skinning with 3DS Max

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3D is what accounts for the enormous complexity of graphics today. Because 3D content development demands the most technologically advanced hardware and software, designers need a resource devoted to their hi-end needs. Our mission is to produce easy to master, affordable Java3D graphics solutions for Apple(MAC OSX),Windows and UNIX(Solaris).
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